Looking to improve the results of your student calling program? TeleMax® and Harris Connect’s suite of fundraising solutions will help you reach more prospects, increase pledges and improve conversion rates to raise more funds.

The key to a successful on campus phoning program is zeroing in on each student’s strengths while also streamlining processes to improve your return-on-investment. TeleMax® from Harris Connect helps you do that with two distinct solutions based on your unique needs, whether that involves dedicated onsite support or just a little guidance from time to time.

With TeleMax® Resident Director, we’ll place an experienced fundraising professional right in your phone room. As an integral part of the development team, your Resident Director manages the day-to-day operations of your student calling program – from recruitment and training to evaluating results and making recommendations for enhancements and more.

TeleMax® Consultant, on the other hand, gives you and phone room staff one-on-one access to our fundraising experts on an as needed basis. Through a series of onsite visits and communications, our consultants evaluate your program and provide recommendations for process improvements to make your phonathons even more successful.

Our TeleMax programs are backed by CallerMax® - a state-of-the-art multimedia training program designed specifically to help each student caller gain experience and confidence. Focused on ask strategies and techniques for handling objections, CallerMax offers self-help and instructor led learning modules.

Working with Harris Connect and the TeleMax suite of solutions, you’ll have access to:

  • Proven results with our onsite and consulting programs having secured donations of close to $8 million in 2009 alone
  • Advanced data management capabilities including data cleansing, predictive modeling and sophisticated analytics to make your student callers even more productiveEnd-to-end fundraising support including letter writing, print and mail services, as well as backend fulfillment for converting more pledges into dollars donated
  • Our Virtual Call Center, an advanced Web-based solution that allows you to set up a phone bank for as many callers as you need using a VoIP technology via a simple Internet connection
  • Seamless prospect management with PledgeNet DataLink™, an online database of prospects and donors for easier access, updating and fulfillment during phonathons

To find out how the TeleMax suite can help you make the most of your student calling programs, contact us at moreinfo@harrisconnect.com  or call 800.326.6600 and ask for extension 0807.

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