Not able to focus the time and attention you’d like on your student callers? Learn more about how TeleMax® Resident Director puts the power of Harris Connect’s years of fundraising experience right on your campus.

Your calling program is the backbone of all your fundraising strategies. Yet, with limited resources it can be difficult to focus on nurturing your student callers and strengthening the effectiveness of on campus phonathons.

That’s why TeleMax® Resident Director helps you give your student callers the time and attention they deserve by placing one or more seasoned fundraising professionals on your campus to supervise your phone room. These people work closely with you and your development team to oversee the day-to-day operations of your student calling program – just as if they were full time employees, but at a fraction of the cost. This includes directing recruitment and overseeing training efforts, as well as evaluating results and making strategic recommendations. With this, you have access to knowledgeable and objective resources that understand your unique goals and donor base program.

More than anything else, however, TeleMax Resident Directors focus on helping student callers develop and grow so that your phonathons ultimately raise more money and you are able to maximize the potential of each individual donor. Specifically, when you choose the TeleMax Resident Director program you have access to:

  • Dedicated, full time fundraising professionals that work with student callers right in your phone room to increase donations made, as well as the amount of each pledge
  • CallerMax®, our innovative multimedia training program designed to help student callers gain experience and confidence making asks and handling objections
  • PHONE/MAIL® 101, a three-day training workshop especially for those on a director track for an in-depth exploration of phone room best practices
  • Automated backend fulfillment with eZpledge for generating thank you letters and making reminder calls to convert more pledges into dollars donated

Discover how TeleMax Resident Director and our suite of fundraising solutions can make student callers more successful while also freeing up your staff to focus on cultivating major and planned giving donors.  Simply contact us at  or call 800.326.6600 and ask for extension 0807.

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